Monday, March 1, 2010

Readers of My Words

Sometimes I find myself getting caught up in tracking hits to my blog and worrying as to why I cannot get any of you to interact with me or each other via comments. Yes, it has bugged me. I read this other blog which is so damn boring it makes me cry but this chick gets over a thousand hits a day and has close to 20 comments for every post. Some aren’t even posts; one time there was a shopping list – OF GROCERIES! WTF!? And yes, people commented. “Oh, I like that brand of crackers too!” Are you kidding me!? I keep reading it trying to figure out what the appeal is. I can only guess she has a large family who are home-bound. I have a large family too, but unfortunately they have lives.

So anyway, I it got me thinking, what is my real purpose of blogging? Is it a personal outlet? A journal of family events? An update for friends and family? Or am I trying to market myself in some way – ultimately to make some cash? My initial response is, all of the above. But if I am completely honest, I think I may have a higher opinion of myself than others do. I think what I have to say is insightful, funny and relevant. And while I am at it I will also admit that because I find the things I have to say important I have felt entitled to readers. And income.
How shameful.
I find the events and day-to-day antics of my life hilarious, but the truth is, I don’t think my experiences are that different than any other SAHM and my stories any different from the other thousands of mommyblogs out there. So I started researching blogs, the top 50 mommybloggers, finding out who was doing what, reading tutorials on managing a successful blog, how to work the PR scene….ugh. Corporate greediness, yelling, shouting, infighting – all around internet temper tantrums with a gimmie, gimmie mine mentality. Nauseating.

Then I realized what my favorite blogs are. They are not the ones with a million sponsors and advertisements splashed all over them. They are quiet little musings of mothers, artists, poets and crafters. They share with their readers the sweet and funny stories of their lives, their broken hearts, their goals and triumphs. Occasionally they rant about the sometimes hurtful and crazy world in which we live, but are ultimately women committed to living in the good with their friends and families. They are honest writers. They are transparent.

I am inspired. The reality of my life is I left a well paying corporate job to stay home with my children and have my life work now be about them. I need to give myself the gift of time and exception from making a buck and remember what this season in my life is about. Being a good mother, wife, friend, being healthy both physically and mentally. Acknowledging this, the journey of my life can be the only focus of my writing. Readers or not.

Someday, my children will read my words. They are the readers I care about. They are the ones who I really want to feel my words and wear them in their hearts.


Jessica Monte said...

I really enjoyed this post. And ditto, I feel what you're saying; sometimes I wonder why folks comment or do not. But I like your philosophy, that the writing matters for you and for your children.

Did you know you can create a book from your blog? My husband did so for a blog I wrote early on in our daughter Annabelle's first year. It is now sitting on her bookshelf and is one of her favorites, :-)

C (Kid Things) said...

I enjoyed this post, too. As bloggers, I think most of us can get caught up in what we think others want to read. I know I do, especially after I post something that tends to receive a lot of comments (a lot for me, anyway). I have to remember why I do this, though, and as cliche as it sounds it really is for me and, hopefully one day, my kids.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

I LOVE THIS! You are so dead-on - we all do this and I have to get back to the basics, you know? I loved your point that your favorite blogs aren't the big corporate sponsored ones - I agree! I just had not thought of it this way. Thanks for a great post!

mamacomedy said...

Jessica, C and Natalie: THANK YOU.
FYI - you are all in my "favorite bloggers" group I was refering to :-)

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