Monday, March 15, 2010

100 Posts

Break out the champagne! Light the fireworks! Start the music!

100 posts. I really feel like I have achieved something here. I have never been one to keep journals. I have tried many, many times in vain only to end up with five or six entries over the course of several weeks. A beautiful notebook whose first few pages are eventually torn out and used for grocery lists. So this feels good, a true document in a way. I recently found out how to turn my posts into a book, thanks to Jessica over at Days of You and Me, which is really exciting to me.

I hope I have shed some light as to who I am for the benefit of my kids. I hope I am using this to not only convey my love for them and their father but also the things I find important in life. I have many more things to say and to share, things that will come in time. Things that will cause laughter and tears, and oh my do I look forward to writing them. I love that writing this blog makes me think.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for thinking and pondering with me.

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