Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Tough Little Bugger

Itty Bitty started walking on Christmas Day. She quickly went from toddling to running and climbing EVERYTHING! However, she is still only 15 months so I pick her up into my arms and kiss boo-boos about three times an hour. I watch her fall onto her hands and knees while running to keep up with Rock Star all day long. Most of the time she just grunts and gets back up and is on her way as if nothing happened. I know some of these falls take a small toll on her but I think I have taken for granted how resilient she really is. This morning while taking a load of stuff out to the car before I loaded the kids (why is it I feel like I am moving out of the house whenever I have a day of errand running?) I totally bit it in the driveway. I slipped on an ever so small patch of lingering ice and went down like a bag of bricks. My stuff went flying and I was so hurt I actually started to cry. At the end of it all, nothing more than two bruised and scrapped knees and a skinned elbow but holy crap! I thought I was going to DIE! Now, I consider myself to be pretty tough. I have a rather high tolerance for pain (I walked around last summer on a broken ankle for three weeks before I finally had it looked at, and that was only because it was so swollen my toes were turning blue.) and typically walk injuries off fairly quickly. I suppose it is because I am ridiculously accident prone. I think I need to do more yoga to get more in touch with the movement of my own body...

Aaaanyway, I ended up reflecting on how often Itty Bitty falls like I did and it doesn’t even faze her! Yes, I know she is closer to the floor and all but she also does it about a hundred times a day! What a tough little bugger. I think I am going to give her a long warm bath with a full body massage. She certainly has earned it!

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