Monday, March 22, 2010


Must my 4 year old son be subjected to ass in a thong at Kohls!?
So, I was in a desperate search for a bra that keeps the girls where they need to be without spending $65 a pop on them so I drug the kiddos off to Kohls this morning. They have a large selection and always have crazy sales. So yes I know I am asking for it a bit by taking him into the undergarment department to begin with, but it's Kohls, not Pricilla’s after all. So you can imagine my surprise when in the main isle we come across a mannequin with a bra (which really was nothing more than pasties with dental floss) and a thong! Really? I am okay with, and would expect there would be mannequins in bras and underwear, and no I would not expect to see granny panties and a Just My Size 18 Hour bra in stark white, but I think this little get-up was more like something I would expect to see in a porno store. I was actually a little a gasp myself at what I was looking at even before I realize my son was also seeing it.
Oh, how did Rock Star react you want to know? Yeah. He promptly reached out and smacked that ass as he walked by it. Such a proud moment; so proud in fact the first thing I did was quickly look around so make sure no one saw it happen.
Now here is the thing. My son DOES NOT go around slapping asses. He has never seen a bare ass get slapped so what in creation would entice him to do this? Yes, the hubs often gives me a hot smack on the rear but would seeing that little bit of playful affection between parents lead a young boy to smack the bare ass of a mannequin? And why the naked one? There were mannequins all over the place in there; how did he know, or what made him respond to the naked assed one? Sigh.
Well, I did the good mommy thing and pretended like I didn’t see him do it and hoping against hope that by ignoring it, it will never happen again.


Angie said...

And people don't believe that boys are "born that way". :)
Hey, if you are wanting to get a PERFECT BRA check out They are located in Independence and although you may just walk-in they actually take appointments to do a "fitting" to ensure that your undergarment fits you like it SHOULD and they do FREE alterations to your bra if necessary. You may (or may not) recall an episode of Oprah about how a large % of women are not wearing the correct bra for their bodies...that's what these people are experts in. Go there, you probably will never go anywhere else...just saying. :)

mamacomedy said...

Thanks for the bra tip. These poor girls need all the help they can get! I did see bits and parts of the Oprah thing, and sadly I am one of the "before" cases. I am currently live in a) tank top with bra shelf under my shirt or b)nursing bras. Yep. Thats me, a total delight in the bedroom! Gag...

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