Monday, July 19, 2010

Space Please

I am Mama to Rock Star and Itty Bitty aka Woman Without Privacy. My kids live within 3 feet of me at all times. It does not matter what I am doing, where in the house I am – they are a there. The Omni-present space suckers. Okay, I joke but for the most part I love having my kids near me. Hanging on my leg while I cook, curled next to me while I read or write. Watching them tail me with coloring books and crayons from room to room repositioning on each floor without so much as a second thought. I am learning to love it.

Buuuut (yeah – you knew it was coming) I have had the same dream four nights in a row now. I am dreaming that I am trying to use the bathroom and the only toilets available to me are like in living-rooms or front yards filled with people just hanging out. No one seems to find it weird I am in the middle of the their gathering pooping. Hmmmm….

Now, I have been severely constipated (thanks to all the iron I am sucking down) and so I attributed the dreams to my clogged pipes. But this morning I decided to do a little research about the dream and see what I could find.

Here it is:
“To dream that you are in a public restroom with no stalls or that there are a lot of people around while you are trying to do your business, signifies your frustrations about getting enough privacy. You are always putting others ahead of your own needs. As a result, you are lacking a sense of personal space. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are having difficulties letting go of old emotions. You are afraid that if you reveal these feelings, then others around you will judge and criticize you.”

I was recently going to the bathroom with not just my fat prego belly in my lap but my 20 month old as well.
I guess this means I need a bit more privacy? Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Being of Service

My latest article in the The Pointe newspaper.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rock Star

Five short years ago the world was blessed with your birth. I am still amazed that your daddy and I have you, that we were given a gift too amazing for words (although I will try…)

You often tell me that you missed me while you were in heaven waiting to be born and oh my son how I missed you too. It was hard waiting to be together wasn’t it? Your daddy and I waited for so long but I knew you in my heart and I always knew we would have you someday. I knew you were a boy and that your hair and eyes were brown. I knew your spirit was kind and generous and that you would love music. The day you were born and I was able to see you for the first time was completely overwhelming. I remember how I was shaking as I leaned into you and kissed your little fingers and told you , “Mama is here baby, we were now together forever."

You are such a joy to your daddy and I. You make us laugh everyday (sometimes when you are not around and we are talking about all the rotten things you did that day!). You leave me speechless many times with your insights and ideas. You are so kind and generous. I love that you are aware and concerned for the world around you. You think about all of Mother Earth’s beings and do your best to care for them. You love music and without question have a God-given talent. You can run fast and far and are looking forward to playing sports in high school and college and we are excited to watch and cheer you on! You are always welcoming to others and make all your friends feel special and important. Your baby sister thinks you are the center of the universe and is always happier when she is with you.

Tomorrow you turn five! You are now spending more time with friends and becoming increasingly independent, you need me less and less which I know is wonderful, but my love I still cherish the moments you do want mama’s help and snuggles. I also love just being with you. I have so much fun simply talking with you and hearing what you think about life.

Thank you for the gift of being your mother, thank you for being you. I can’t wait to see the rest of your amazing life.
I love you deeply, wildly and without condition always,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Know It All

This morning’s first conversation:
(I was in the back of my closet trying in vain to find something that didn’t make me look as big as a house and I hear little people sneaking in and hiding in the hubs part of the closet)…

Me: Get out of my closet you monsters (growl sounds)
Itty Bitty: (Laughter) Yep, Yep (her new response to everything)
Rock Star: How did you know we were in here? You are all the way over there and didn’t even turn around!?
Me: I know everything even when I know nothing.

Yep. That is what I said at 7:05am. I know everything even when I know nothing. What in the hell does that even mean? The best part? Rock Stars response was, “Wow!” with wide eyes and looking at me like I was Buzz Lightyear in the flesh and blood.
It’s gonna be a great day friends!
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