Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rock Star

Five short years ago the world was blessed with your birth. I am still amazed that your daddy and I have you, that we were given a gift too amazing for words (although I will try…)

You often tell me that you missed me while you were in heaven waiting to be born and oh my son how I missed you too. It was hard waiting to be together wasn’t it? Your daddy and I waited for so long but I knew you in my heart and I always knew we would have you someday. I knew you were a boy and that your hair and eyes were brown. I knew your spirit was kind and generous and that you would love music. The day you were born and I was able to see you for the first time was completely overwhelming. I remember how I was shaking as I leaned into you and kissed your little fingers and told you , “Mama is here baby, we were now together forever."

You are such a joy to your daddy and I. You make us laugh everyday (sometimes when you are not around and we are talking about all the rotten things you did that day!). You leave me speechless many times with your insights and ideas. You are so kind and generous. I love that you are aware and concerned for the world around you. You think about all of Mother Earth’s beings and do your best to care for them. You love music and without question have a God-given talent. You can run fast and far and are looking forward to playing sports in high school and college and we are excited to watch and cheer you on! You are always welcoming to others and make all your friends feel special and important. Your baby sister thinks you are the center of the universe and is always happier when she is with you.

Tomorrow you turn five! You are now spending more time with friends and becoming increasingly independent, you need me less and less which I know is wonderful, but my love I still cherish the moments you do want mama’s help and snuggles. I also love just being with you. I have so much fun simply talking with you and hearing what you think about life.

Thank you for the gift of being your mother, thank you for being you. I can’t wait to see the rest of your amazing life.
I love you deeply, wildly and without condition always,

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C (Kid Things) said...

5 is such a good age. I hope your son had a great birthday.

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