Thursday, July 1, 2010

Know It All

This morning’s first conversation:
(I was in the back of my closet trying in vain to find something that didn’t make me look as big as a house and I hear little people sneaking in and hiding in the hubs part of the closet)…

Me: Get out of my closet you monsters (growl sounds)
Itty Bitty: (Laughter) Yep, Yep (her new response to everything)
Rock Star: How did you know we were in here? You are all the way over there and didn’t even turn around!?
Me: I know everything even when I know nothing.

Yep. That is what I said at 7:05am. I know everything even when I know nothing. What in the hell does that even mean? The best part? Rock Stars response was, “Wow!” with wide eyes and looking at me like I was Buzz Lightyear in the flesh and blood.
It’s gonna be a great day friends!

1 comment:

Kate said...

haha. That was pretty funny. I like when in the classroom the kids sit there chomping on their gum and then when you look at them directly they stop. When I say "spit out your gum" they're always like "how do you know?!" My response is always that I have x-ray eyes that see through their cheeks.

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