Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Big Dog Decision

If you are a new reader read this before you go any further.
Yes, this is the story of the Damn Dog, which I am happy to say is no longer with us. He found a nice lady who had another damn dog just like him who needed a friend. Angel or Insane woman, not sure; I am just glad the little shit is gone.
Buuuut now, here we go again. Rock Star has been begging for a nice dog that he can play with and that will sleep in his room with him. Rock Star (as does Itty Bitty) sleep with us; if they do not start there they end up there before the morning arrives. Rock Star believes he would love his big boy room if he had a friend, “you know mom, like a dog.”
Me? I would rather have kids in my bed than a dog in the house. But as usual I am a sucker for my kids. And yes I know, Rock Star will not sleep in his room, we will just be adding a dog to our bed. Although I am a lover of earth and animals, I prefer not to domesticate them. So this morning I am reading the paper and come across:
Free to a good home. Border Collie/German Sheppard mix. 3yrs old. Very well behaved, house broke. Good with kids.
Sigh. How can I not call? So I call and turns out the owner is actually a neighbor that only lives a few houses away! (This is a large metro paper BTW, so chances of something like this are slim). It now seems meant to be. Oh, and also, the dog has the same name as the ONLY dog the hubs and I had pre-kids that was wonderful.
Called the hubs – DEAD. SILENCE.
Rock Star begging.
Hubs agrees to a “sleep-over” for a trial run.
I will be reading I Wanna Iguana this afternoon to the kids as a reminder of pet responsibility and what “trial basis” means.
I am an idiot. What am I about to do?

Quick, talk me out of it!


Angie said...

Being someone who has had a few dogs during the kids lives. I say, most of the time your better off getting a puppy that the kids and love and grow with. We got the kids a Great Dane puppy last Christmas after not having a dog for a couple of years and he has been the BEST dog ever, although he is big, he is gentle and lets the kids do anything. He also only barks when necessary and is as lovable as can be. The kids also love the attention they get whenever we are out with him. There's my 2 cents. :)

mamacomedy said...

Yeah right. Me and a puppy? Have you met me? You are so disciplined, me, not so much. I am thinking a nice dog that is about 12, yes I know they only live 12-15years. Short term commitments work great for me.

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