Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poop, Poop and More Poop

Okay, it has been awhile since the topic has been discussed in this blog, and we are overdue my friends. Our home has entered into many poop changes over the last several months. For starters after a bout of diarrhea (that is a HARD word to spell BTW!) and a scary moments of wiping Rock Star has decided he will never again wipe his own butt. Ever. In addition he has begun classifying his bowel movements as follows:
Clean Poop – this would be a firm, no mess poop. (His favorite)
Hard Poop – any level of constipation, at which point he will always ask for broccoli because he “needs more fiber” (I am not kidding you.)
Diarrhea – the most scary and dreaded of all poops.
Then there is Itty Bitty who as I have previously mentioned have begun cloth diapering. Ugh. What a ton of work! So she keeps me up to my eyeballs in poop management. All day, every day. On the positive note, she loves her organic bamboo cloth diapers and now despises disposables. Although, I still use disposables when we are out and about. The other day we came home and she was asleep; I laid her in her bed and about an hour later we hear Rock Star screaming from her room “Itty Bitty is awake and she pooped and is changing her own diaper! HURRY!!!” Oh. My. She was. She had. And she was stripping it off, yes in her crib. Then I get this, “Uh, what took you so long?” look from her. What!?
And now we come to my favorite one, me, or my jealously rather. Jealously of those who get to do their business in private. I am tired of having to respond to the immediate shout, “Mama! Where are you!?” followed by a stampede the second I enter the bathroom. I have finally convinced Rock Star that people (mama’s especially) need privacy when they are in the bathroom. But Itty Bitty is still insistent that she be held while I am…well…you know. I always knew motherhood would require multi-tasking, but this is just nuts.

I feel like the largest part of my day is spent on poop. Tracking it, cleaning it, discussing it, airing out it’s lingering odor, trying to do it in secrete… I love my life.

Bottoms Up!

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