Friday, February 12, 2010

One Step Closer to Nature

I am trying. One little step at a time I am trying to bring my family closer to nature through the food we eat, the items we use, how we consume and through an ever growing appreciation and care for the world around us. A couple of weeks ago I began making homemade diaper wipes (better for baby, cheaper, and reduces the purchasing of plastics and chemicals). I have been really happy with them. I feel better using them to clean up the kid’s faces and find them far more durable and skin friendly. So, my next big step is moving to cloth diapering. Itty Bitty is super-duper interested in the potty and although she has yet to go on it, she sits on it regularly. Although, I do not think she is ready and I will forgo any formal potty training processes for a bit longer, I thought the feel of cloth diapering may help some. I had planned to cloth diaper with any future babes we may be blessed with, so starting with my 15 month old is a rather new idea. But, I figured better late than never and given we go through about 7 diapers a day and she will be in them for at least another three months, I figure we can still save the landfills roughly 630 diapers (not to mention about $300). Not bad. Well, a step anyway.
So today is the first day. I used to change the cloth diapers of my many cousins when I was young and used to sit for them, so I am familiar with the cleaning and handling process and am not worried about it. I am actually really excited. The only down side is I suspect I will have a pinch of trouble getting the hubs on board, he will no doubt be worried about the whole “pin (i.e. sharp object) near the baby” thing, so I may be the primary (okay, only) diaper changer in the house. Eh, he can take over all the butt wiping for Rock Star.

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