Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sound of Silence

Not something I hear much of these days. With Rock Star and Itty Bitty loving every second of playtime they have together there is usually an endless wave of sound echoing throughout our home from daybreak to bedtime. They each have and enjoy their own private quiet time to read and play, but of course it is never coordinated time! Ahhhh…but today we had a rare but beautiful morning. I had recently moved some of the kids’ books from the playroom to the family library room. As I was cleaning up breakfast after the kids had eaten and taken off from the table at warp speed I soon realized I heard nothing. NOTHING. Dead silence. The wave of sheer panic hit me hard and I went racing to the front of the house where I felt them to be. Sure enough there they were, each sitting as still as could be with a book on the floor of the library. Rock Star was thumbing through an old textbook on how to write a research paper (Yes, I know. I have no idea) and Itty Bitty was reading a baby board book about feelings and what they look like. I eased back so not to disturb the moment and contemplated getting my camera but I knew I would disrupt them and I really, really wanted them to enjoy the time so I just left them. About 20 minutes later Itty Bitty came tottering to me with a book asking me to read with her, soon followed by Rock Star and another book. We snuggled together wrapped in quietly read words for a bit longer and then the morning moved along.
Great way to start the day.
Deep Breath; Big Exhale.

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Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Love those moments - though they are rare.

Thanks for stopping by the other day!

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