Friday, February 26, 2010

Supernova Kids

Do you ever have those moments where you sit and just watch your kids be? I swear there are times when I just can just see the radiant light of growth creativity exploding from inside them. Then, well…there are times when I sit back and think, “What the hell is going on in that kids head?” or worse yet, “That can’t be normal.” I mean, there are things that I understand are developmentally appropriate and there are things that have to be touched and even eaten for understanding. But then there are these things that happen…

-Two rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom sink, water turned on.
- Taking off shoes AND socks every freaking time we are in the car.
-Rolling onto the tummy with pro wrestler strength the second the poopy diaper is opened for changing.
-Bugger eating.
-Pulling out a toy that has JUST been put away even though it spent the better part of the day lying in the middle of the floor completely untouched.
-Watching the Beep-Beep Dot Com commercial with the movement of a coma patient.
-Claiming to be “awe-done!” with a meal then going DIRECTLY to the floor and eating the droppings before I can even hope of getting the vacuum. (BTW- I have learned to vacuum the floor and the baby BEFORE she is let loose.)

I am so freaking glad my kids make me laugh. Can you image having a child who never did anything weird?

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