Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Battle of the Bulge

Ugh. I have been seriously fighting the battle of the bulge since giving birth to my daughter 15 months ago (who was only a mere 6lbs btw). I actually gained very little during the pregnancy but have had totally out of whack hormones since and have gained more since her birth than I did during. And, in the interest of full discloser I was carrying extra weight before I got pregnant with her. So I have started a few natural things to help stabilize the hormones and increase my energy, but now I must commit to hitting the gym and being extra vigilant in healthful eating and lifestyle habits. Now I tend to be fairly conscientious of what I feed my family as a whole. We eat primarily organic, lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains and beans but I also have a few really, really bad habits.

So let me confess:

1. I drink coke (regular, not diet) daily. Usually 2-3 cans a day.
2. We eat dinner pretty late (usually during the 7-8pm hour). By this time I am tired and starving and greatly overeat.
3. I am not formally exercising. I am in constant movement with the kids, but I am not getting any serious cardio or strength training.
4. I will tell you I do yoga but I do it in my living room with my children climbing on top of me like I am their personal jungle-gym. Thus it really is not that effective.
5. I do not sleep well, and am therefore tired all the time. This is extra bad for me because I am a fatigue eater. I eat mindlessly when I am tired. I will find myself perusing the kitchen with no direction just munching on anything I can find when I am not the slightest bit hungry, just tired. The few times I have forced myself (and had the opportunity) to take a power-nap, the munchies magically go away.
6. I reward myself with food.
7. I am a social eater. It is hard for me to imagine a social situation without something to nosh on. I think this is the equivalent to an alcoholic not being able converse with a group of people without booze.

I have joked for awhile now that I am a reverse-anorexic (no I do not think anorexia is funny). I think of myself, and even see in the mirror, the skinny me. But pictures…oh the pictures do not lie. So, today I begin the journey. I am going to the gym tonight for my first (alone) workout in a long time. I am starting the menu planning and will slowly and steadily work on the list above. I am thinking of starting another blog just to chronicle the process. I would use actual numbers (YIKES!). Other than to be nosy to see what my fat bootie actually weighs in at, would you read it?


Angie said...

I wish you lived a bit closer I would so join you in your adventure, I've HEARD it's good to have a partner to work with...Best of Luck!

C (Kid Things) said...

Your bad eating habits sound a lot like my bad eating habits. Except I'm more of a Pepsi person. I keep saying I have about 40 pounds of baby weight to lose, except my last baby is 18 months now.

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