Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday’s 3 Quick 3’s

3 Things I think about when I watch TV…
1. Why do you think shouting at me will make we buy your product?
2. I hate you for making my children think Pop Tarts are healthy because they are made with “real fruit”.
3. When I ponder which brand of tampons to buy, I promise you I am not thinking about which one will best protect me while dancing in my stilettos and red flowy dress but rather which one will survive not having time to use a restroom for 9 ½ hours straight.

3 Things I love about myself…
1. My hands
2. My really, really loud obnoxious laugh
3. I am learning to avoid people and relationships that are void of trust and respect; and put the extra time and energy into people I can trust and respect.

3 Things that make my days a bit brighter
1. Coke-Cola (yeah, for the record – probably not giving it up)
2. My iPod
3. Art Supplies

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