Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don’t Be Discouraged

This morning a recall for Infantino slings was issued after being linked to infant deaths. Babies can suffocate while in this type of sling:

I always found this type of sling to not only be uncomfortable for me and my baby but it made me terribly uneasy and just felt unsafe. I tried it on once and decided it would never be an option for babywearing in our home. In addition to my baby being too “scrunched” it felt as though I was carrying them around in a bag verses using cloth to assist in keeping them close to me.

So although these slings are a no-brainer no-go, there are some other safe and wonderful options out there that will support you and your baby in being nice and close. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Ring Sling – the ring is SO versatile. I have taken my babes from newborn to currently 4yr (and 40+lbs) in this one. You can safely and comfortably nurse in it as well. It is great for hip and back carrying for older kids too. I have recently started making these slings (they retail for $70-$100+) and I can do them much cheaper. This one is also really easy to get on/off and baby in and out of. (This is also the hubs favorite)

2. Moby Wrap – I like the moby for my newborns. You do have to be super carful to ensure legs are properly supported (when they are infants you can keep their legs tucked in the fetal curl position). I am not a huge fan of this one as my kids have gotten older but it is great when they are little; it keeps them very snug and warm. This one is more work to get on and off; lots and lots of wrapping!

3. Mei Tai – currently my favorite. This one you can wear front or back, infants and older kids. It is super easy to get one and off and hold your babe nice and snug.


Baby wearing is a wonderful way to spend time with your baby and child. Don’t be discouraged by this recall. Babywearing has numerous advantages for you and your baby. Of course it is critical, as with anything you do with your children, to keep their safety in mind.

Here are some important guidelines to remember when wearing an infant from Babywearing International:
• Check to ensure that your baby is not curled up tightly in a chin-to-chest position; this compresses your baby's airway. Making sure there is a fingers' width or two between their chin and chest is a good guide.
• Make sure your baby's back is straight and supported.
• Monitor your child at all times. Make sure nothing is obstructing their face.
• Be aware of how your movements affect the baby: avoid any bumping or jarring motions.

Happy Babywearing my friends!

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Angie said...

Luke was the first one I felt comfortable enough to wear, and due purely from not having another set of hands and three little ones. But, once I did it, I had wished I had worn all my babies....they are so snuggly and "happy". For any new mommy, this is a must!!

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