Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have the child every mother (i.e. COOK) dreams of, but….

Since Rock Star was born I prided myself on never making “kid-friendly” meals. We cook real food around here and I never “hide” veggies in anything; I believe in fostering a healthy appreciation for good foods. By age two my first born was asking for couscous, broccoli and fresh parmesan for lunch. Although both my kids have a mild aversion to meat (which pleases me just fine) they love any lentil, pasta, fruit, vegetable and dairy product (Rock Star has quite the palette for cheeses) set before them. I have a firm rule you never have to like or eat more than one bit of anything; but we will try EVERYTHING with joy and wild abandon. I think the reassurance of knowing they have the final say on what they eat allows them to be more adventurous and anxious to try new things (and of course I am confident because they are only given good choices so there is no wrong choice on their part). I rarely get a “GAG!” but when I do I honor it.

This afternoon Rock Star once again ask for “a snack I have never had before” this kid loves trying new foods. Winter proved to be a difficult time for us as I typically rely on fresh fruits and veggies to fulfill snack time. Now that he is wanting to try something new every day, well lets just say this blessing of wonderful, healthy eaters is beginning to be a bit overwhelming.

My husband when ask what he would like for dinner often replies, “something different and unique” which prior to kids I responded with, “Great! Get your shoes and lets head out!” but now with two kids and a hubby who all crave new and unique foods on a regular basis I am hitting a wall.

Enter My Need…

Please share your best and most fun recipe and/or snack idea. The more unique the better, the more ingredients the better, and the more colorful the better. Healthy is of course key.

Can’t wait to see what you have!

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