Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Heavy Heart and Refocusing

Yesterday was one of those days where outside things made my heart heavy. Realization of damaged relationships, scary news for family I love deeply, dealing with an overscheduled week, physically ill, kids who were over tired from long nights of scary weather all left me feeling overwhelmed and powerless by the end of the day. I was awake most of the night, thinking, worrying, and trying in vain to come up with a quick “fix” for all of these perceived problems. At some point around 3am my mind and body began to weaken enough that I had no choice but to surrender to the realization that life circumstances are what they are – for me and others and all the lost sleep and worry in the world will not change them. So, deep breath, and now a day focused on the basics.

-With compassion and personal responsibility I believe in the ability to heal true friendships.
-My home, help and care are open and available to my family. Period. I need not worry about their safety and wellbeing, although life may require changes of them they are strong and capable and at the end of the day have people they can rely on.
-Appointments can be cancelled.
-I have the ability to work with my body to heal it, I just need to be patient and give it time.

I will live with the karma I create today. What do I want to live with tomorrow? Choices are everything.

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