Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heartbeats and pickles make for a great day

Today we were finally able to hear our little ones heartbeat. I literally felt my soul melt from the release of tension. Although we have had a rocky start it seems baby is now doing well, growing and finally allowing us to know she (no, we do not know yet – just my mama gut) is well. It was amazing how I left the doc’s office with my two kids in tow at 1:30, which is normally when I am crashing on the couch praying for an hour of sleep, and I was FULL of energy. I felt like I was walking on air. My baby was well, Rock Star and Itty Bitty were excited to hear and see their new baby (although Itty Bitty kept looking around the room looking for the “bebe?”) and the sun was shining. So I decided to take the kids out for the afternoon; we played in a bookstore, played in Pottery Barn for Kids and ate ice cream.
We then came home and while Itty Bitty napped and Rock Star and the hubs flew a kite, I ate a “Big Papa” pickle – it was the size of a full grown cucumber. It really has been a wonderful day.


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That is AWESOME, AMY!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!

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