Friday, April 2, 2010

The Art of Saying NO

Perhaps you have read it, I have. However I realized today this is one book Rock Star will never have to read. As I was buzzing through the house doing toy pick-up for the 967th time today Rock Star enters the room. Here is our conversation:

Rock Star: Hey Mom, what’s up?
Me: Just cleaning, I could use some help.
Rock Star: Uh, looks like a lot of bending over.
Me: Yes, it is; this is why I could use some help.
Rock Star: Mom, I would really like to offer to help you, but I just can’t.
Me: (Now stopped dead in my tracks) What? You can’t offer?
Rock Star: Yeah, sorry mom I just can’t offer. I have some resting to go do.
And he exits the room.
I'm left feeling a little pissed, but mostly impressed.

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