Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not my favorite day, but at least my kids aren’t schizophrenic

So it’s Saturday and the hubs is gone for the day doing some community goodness with a group of co-workers volunteering their day to fix up a poor old lady’s home. Good for them.

However this good deed leaves me home with the kids on a Saturday, stuck. He had to take my Suburban to haul supplies leaving only the convertible for me, which I cannot fit the kids in. Oh life is rough. So in the midst of feeling sorry for myself like a big dope I am reminded of:

1. I am lucky to be married to a guy that cares about his world enough to go and fix a caving in roof for a little old lady he doesn’t even know.
2. I am pretty lucky to be complaining about having to sit in my nice home, goofing off with my kids for a day with a second vehicle in the driveway when many families are struggling to keep a roof over their head and walking because the car has been repo’d.
3. My kids are not schizophrenic.
4. And my cool cuz Nikki turned me on to this website which will keep me laughing all day.
5. It is after 10am and I am still drinking coffee and in my pj’s which is never a bad thing.
6. I have an Aunt I can call and cry to about my spilled coupons (yes I am serious) and she just listened, then laughed at me. Which reminded me I am completely nuts and to laugh at myself.

Enjoy your weekend, I will.

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