Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Time?

10 Things I spend Too Much Time On:

1. Trying to catch flies with the vacuum hose.
2. Looking for dead flies after I smack them with the swatter. Where do the little suckers go?
3. Being angry that there is another fly in the house.
4. Flies in general.
5. Wiping things: counters, floors, butts, noses, carseats…I could go on forever here.
6. Wondering who is the bigger dumbass, Jon or Kate Gosslin.
7. Thinking about hairstyles that would better suit Hoda Kotb
8. Looking for my car keys
9. Explaining my sarcastic comments to my four year old.
10. Writing mindless junk for this blog.

Today is one of those time assessment days. Rock Star has started a new school and has new hours (fewer days, more hours on those days) allowing me to maximize my productivity. Or one would think…

Itty Bitty is sleeping. The house is quiet. Would it be wrong to just crash on the couch with a book for an hour? Hmmm….

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