Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I couldn't sleep last night and was up around 2am and decided to work on the (green template) I put up Sunday night. You couldn't leave comments and there was a bunch of junk at the top. After an hour of efforts, all in vain, I gave up and went in search of a new template. Hope you likely. I am not sure about it this morning. Not surprising as decisions made at 3am are often questionable, but I will sit with it for a while and see how we (the template and I that is) relate.
Today begins several days of moving for my family. We FINALLY have a closed deal and have the keys to the new digs. I plan to be too exhausted to do much blogging until I have that first long bath and glass of wine amidst unpacked boxes at the new place so you will just have to imagine all my disasters over the next few days in your minds eye knowing of course that I will surface in a few days with what will surely be at least one funny story involving poop. Because, well...don't they all?

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