Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Have Two Donuts

(told Rock Star I needed a cool title for my post today and he recommended the above...?)

Since Itty Bitty has finally figured out how to say "mama" the verbal flood gates have opened. She is now saying hi, baby, more and play. So exciting. She has also started putting words together, like "Hi Dada" and "baby more" (when she wants more food). YEAH. Won’t be long now until she is asking for that belly piercing.

On a much more sever and negative note; I have dropped about 1/2 a pant size putting me too small for the current size and therefore giving me baggy crotch area but still too fat for the next size down which gives me muffin top and flat butt. Who am I kidding it is more like dueling bunt cakes than a muffin. Sigh.

I have seen some other blogger moms who have chronicled their weight loss efforts for the entire world to see. I am thinking of doing this. I would do it in a separate blog but it seems like the accountability factor would be pretty motivating. Even if no one reads it, the worry that some little size -0 would be reading would keep me from wanting to write that I sat on my butt watching Lifetime For Women TV scarffing down all the Halloween candy I bought, leaving nothing for the neighborhood kids. (note: I have NOT done this…yet…just offering an example)

I guess I could just order pizza for dinner and gain weight back to again fill out those baggy crotched jeans; it would after all be far easier. And seriously, how do jeans get baggy there? I mean it is not like I carry around an extra five pounds of fat... well in that spot. Ok, even I am grossing myself out with this….moving on…

Just a few final words on things I am thankful for this past week:
-Fabreeze candles
-My new laptop – enabling me to do some kickass work
-The extra sleep the hubs made sure I got and his all around awesome Daddyness
-The new Target built 5 minutes from my house
-The grand efforts made by the Rock Star to learn to wipe his own butt

All in all, a good week. Enjoy your weekend.

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