Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Letter to My Lovies

My Dear Rock Star and Itty Bitty,
I have never been one to write journals, or even do a great job at maintaining your baby books (sorry!) but I do take a million pictures of your beautiful faces everyday and, in part, this blog is for you. A record of my insanity (that’s a joke…), who I am as your mother, my love for you, my love for your father, stories of your little lives and what our family is like in our small part of the universe. There are days as your mother I cry and want to crawl under the bed (for the record today is not one of those days) and hide from you and your crazy antics and incessant wants. But my loves, even on those days I want you to know it is a joy being your mother. I have been given a great many things in my life: family, friends, a career before you were born, your father, but above all I am blessed for I have been given the opportunity to be your mama. As much as I love watching you grow and learn, I will admit some day’s I wish I had the power to stop time and keep you little and in my arms forever. I am proud of your spirits. You are kind, generous and loving little souls – a true gift to your father and I.
Thank you for being who you are; my silly, snuggly, rowdy, curious, needy, independent little loves. You make my heart smile with every breath I take.
Big Hugs and Mushy Kisses,
(***fyi - this post is in green per Rock Star's request as it is his favorite color)

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