Sunday, January 24, 2010

Costco and Such Things

I drive a Suburban (which by the way I LOVE and will drive til the wheels fall off and then go buy another) and am a pro at parking the beast. I am an all-around excellent driver, but my parking skills are rather exceptional. I have even been known to get my burb into one of those compact spots - although I typically avoid other cars as to not get my purly white paint chipped. So you can imagine my horror when Friday I sat in the Costco parking lot watching some dingbat spend about 3 minutes trying to park her Toyota! Just to be clear, this car was not much bigger than a Hotwheel and it is being parked in a COSTCO slot (for those of you familiar with Costco, you will recall their extremely extra wide parking spaces). Seriously, this chick backed-up and realigned herself about 12 times before she finally got it in. I have absolutely no idea why this irritates me so, but it does. Driving is just one of those things I can’t help but feel like, if you are going to do it you better be good at it. Period. I could go on some more on this topic, but I think I am dangerously close to losing you at this point. Right?

So, on to something else. For the record, I am sad about Conan. He got screwed and I think he is hilarious and would watch him any day over Leno (who I find to be a complete bore).

I am getting dreadfully sick of winter food. I crave fresh fruits and veggies for myself and family. Living here it is impossible to get good organic whole, raw food because nothing is local. Sigh. I will be doing a great deal of canning and freezing this summer, although there still is something so wrong about a diet without fresh leafy greens. Again, sigh.

I am boring myself with these ramblings. Sorry my friends.

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