Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello? Are you really there?

So I get a fair amount of traffic on this site, not tons but enough to know I have a few regular readers. Yet, none of you talk to me! Why? What must I do to solicit a few measly comments from you? I mean I am putting it out there folks, would a little click on the comment button kill you? Yes, this is the Needy – ooohhh I need validation Amy shining through. Oh well. I read a blog that get like a zillion hits a day, in part because she gives away free stuff to people who leave comments she likes. Is that it? Are you holding out on me because you want some free stuff? Hmmm…..


Angie Steinbrugge said...

Keep up the awesomness!! :)

nikkigsblog said...

Hey Lady- I have the SAME problem- lol 700+ readers a day and maybe 1 comment every two weeks. The kicker? Those jerks have started commenting on my Facebook link FOR the blog rather than on the blog. But either way- here is my comment! I'll try and do more commenting! :)

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