Monday, September 28, 2009

My Big Ugly Confession

I have carried a very dirty little secret for years. I love soap operas. Yes it’s true I love all the drama, stupidity, ridiculous story lines, and completely unreal appearances…all of it. I got hooked when I was just a teen and have watched on and off ever since. I went years without watching while I worked outside the home prior to my kids. But then it happened. I became a stay at home mom and got sucked back in. I am a CBS watcher: Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light.

Now in my defense, I never watch them all in one day or have ever scheduled my day around them or have recorded them. However I did watched one episode online one. Just once. I think this is the appeal of soaps though. I can go days, even weeks without seeing an episode, and jump right back in as if I never missed a beat (the story lines are just so slow and obvious). The hubs teases me for watching the four hour made-for-TV-movies on Lifetime. Of course! When was the last time any mom you knew actually got to sit in front of the TV for an entire show or movie? With soaps and long, slow movies I can come and go to take care of wiping butts, laundry, phone calls, meals and snacks and even a game of freeze tag with the Rock Star and still follow along.

But alas, after a million and two years, Guiding Light has been cancelled and is no longer on the air and I miss it. Yes. I miss it. I really should be more ashamed to say this out loud than I am. It is sort of like admitting to following a celebrity on twitter; which I do not. If I did, it is probably a secret I would take to the grave.

Whew! One of waaay too many embarrassing tid-bits about myself exposed. How Liberating…

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