Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kramer Had it Right

If you are a Seinfeld fan you may remember Kramer having a garbage disposal put in his bathtub so he could combine cooking and bathing. Well, I am not planning on salad prepping while soaking my tushy in the tub but I do have a 10 month old who LOVES spaghetti. I attempted in vain last night to wipe her down with baby wipes following her dive into the pasta bowl. Half of a tub of wipes later she was still stuffing spaghetti particles in her bellybutton. I managed to wipe her down enough to safely transport her from kitchen to bathtub will minimal risk to the carpet. Of course as I lifted her from her highchair I remembered I was wearing my new white boyfriend tee from the Gap. Of course. Anyway, we made it to the bathroom where I discovered upon strip down that we were dealing with a poop diaper – you didn’t expect anything else did you? Into the tub; as I am scrubbing Itty Bitty down I realize there are chunks of food floating around in the water. Big chunks. Pasta, beef, carrot…yes, large, identifiable chucks of food. I am not sure what orifice or baby fat roll it fell out of, and I prefer not to. Ugh. So now here I am with a bathtub full of leftovers.

Choices on how to deal with the situation:
1. Bring the damn dog into the house, set him in the tub and let him chow.
2. Go through the rest of the tub of wipes.
3. Leave it and let the hubs deal with it.
4. Run lots of water and smash it into the drain forcing it down. Follow with Drain-O.
5. Install a GARBAGE DISPOSAL in the tub.

Yes. Option five it is. Kramer was really on to something. Come to think of it he had a few ideas that I should perhaps revisit…

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