Sunday, December 6, 2009

We have a turtle

…of sorts. So my sweet little Itty Bitty in all her tiny daintiness is a farter. A big farter. She farts often and loud. In addition to all the farts, she laughs. Yes, she thinks her farts are utterly hilarious. So whenever there is a fart heard in the house we all joke and laugh trying to guess if the culprit is Rock Star or Itty Bitty. Rock Star loves this game. He loves blaming his farts on his sister. However, Itty Bitty isn’t always available to blame.

Scene: Rock Star’s BFF love, QT Patootie is over and they are practicing jumping from the end table onto the couch (yes that’s right they were jumping on the furniture and I did not stop them – get over it…) and he farts, she giggles; and this conversation takes place:

QT: Rock Star! You farted! (laugh, laugh, laugh)
Rock Star: No I didn’t.
QT: Yes you did, I heard it.
Rock Star: That wasn’t me. (okay, at this point I am trying to figure out how he is going to blame Itty Bitty when she is nowhere in sight)
QT: Then who was it? Because, it wasn’t me!
Rock Star: It was my turtle.
(Yeah, that’s right, he is now blaming an imaginary TURTLE?!?)
QT: You have a turtle!?
Rock Star: Yeah! He is green and really small.
QT: Where is he?
Rock Star: I think he is under the couch cushions.

So for the next hour Rock Star led QT all through the house (tearing it apart I might add) looking for the farting turtle. I don’t know what was more perplexing; the fact that QT so blindly believed him and so eagerly went turtle hunting or the fact that the more they looked for it, the more it seemed Rock Star seemed to believe he too was looking for a farting turtle.

So it has been several days now and we are still being haunted by the farting turtle, or so we all choose to believe.

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