Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank God it wasn’t Maracas!

Although we stayed cozy here in Missouri this Christmas, we have family who were celebrating in Michigan. Last year we were together (Itty Bitty had just been born) and it was great. This year even though we were not together the family shipped gifts down, giving us a bit of Michigan Christmas love.

Keurig Coffee Pot (Limited Edition!) for the hubs and I. Sounds wonderful except we are now having a throw down as to where it will go; here at home or at the hubs office. I have to admit, if I still had an office I would want one of these bad boys sitting on my credenza too! I will let you know who wins…

Homemade strawberry jam (among other things) for Rock Star; of which we all participated in eating this morning. As we all sat around the table gobbling down the delicious jam we endured glares from Rock Star letting us know that if he had to eat a PB&J with smuckers jelly anytime in the near future we would pay dearly.

Itty Bitty was given a doll that she loves but has me completely freaked. Can’t exactly put my finger on it, but there is just something about this thing that makes me feel like I need to watch over my shoulder…? The baby also has one of those bottles that looks like the milk disappears when you tip it, leaving Itty Bitty pissed that she is unable to enjoy any of the milk. Rock Star keeps telling her, “It’s M-A-G-I-C” like she is supposed to suddenly understand and be cool with the bottle that gives her nothing.

So here we are the day after enjoying coffee and jam, playing hide the weird baby doll from the baby. Gotta love the holidays.

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