Saturday, November 28, 2009

Watching Joy

I love the small moments in life when I have the opportunity to sit back and watch joy happen. Thanksgiving 2009 was one of these times. The hubs oldest sister was in town with her hubbylove (UB), and teen son; they all stayed with us for three nights. As a mother I often worry the rest of the world will never see just how wonderful my kids are. I see and love things in them I want to shout out my front door and ensure the rest of the world gets to enjoy as well; so it is no wonder I get all tittlie-winked when I see others really enjoying my children. I get equally happy when I see my children fall more and more in love with their family (who live all too far away).

Rock Star was simply enamored with Cuz-J, who was more gracious and loving than you could imagine a young man of 17 to be. My heart busted wide open every time I saw my baby boy looking starry eyed at his older cousin in complete awe. They cuddled on the couch (you know, in that wrestling, tickle fest boy way), played games, laughed-laughed-laughed, and told many butt and poop jokes. Lovely Aunt, who has one of the most patient and genuinely loving approaches with my children I have ever seen, had visible happiness when interacting with my beb├ęs. UB, without prompting played fire-station with the greatest of detail for far longer than most would have held out with Rock Star and, laughed himself close to tears watching Itty Bitty get her grove on.

The holiday’s bring out a heightened desire to make others feel comfortable and restful in my home. I yearn to give the gift of feeling loved and valued; my kids make this all too easy. I loved sitting back and watching them with their family - being loved and loving back. Rock Star was devastated when Lovely Aunt, UB and Cuz-J left this morning. Me too. Our time together went all too fast, as it always does. Last year when Itty Bitty was born Lovely Aunt came and spent a couple of weeks prior to Thanksgiving taking care of us. As this year’s visit came to an end, I found myself wanting to keep her for a few more weeks. Family feels good. Really Good.

I am so grateful my children will know and experience uninhibited familial love. I look forward to watching this joy for years to come.

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