Thursday, June 10, 2010


If you are a member of my family this is a word you know well. I have an uncle who is notorious for accusing family members of “toting” his stuff. What this means is he leaves his stuff lying around, someone (usually…okay always, my aunt) puts it away and then he turns into a shouting banshee demanding to know who toted his stuff. None of us mind being accused of stealing his stuff, we all find it fairly funny. The only one who I think it bugs is his middle child who gets ruffled because she actually is a thief. If you need proof, read about her here and you will no doubt see that she is the type of person who if your cool shirt, nail polish or high heels go missing her room is the one to check. (close your mouth Nik, you know it's true) whole family is certifiable.
Anyway, I digress.
So today I heard myself say to my kids…and I am not kidding you, “If you kids don’t quit toting stuff out of my purse I am going to lose my mind!” Awe man! As soon as the words were out of my mouth I wanted to slap myself.
Then later ,while cleaning the fridge, I found my missing black and silver dangle earring. Yes, you read that right, it was in the fridge. I also had to call my cell phone three times today to locate it while in the house. I am pretty sure I can forget about ever finding my missing black and white flip-flop, my favorite pen or that tube of new lipstick I bought over a year ago and only used twice. This irks me because I am the one who cleans everyone else’s stuff. No one else in this house ever permanently loses stuff and yet they leave it laying everywhere; I put my stuff away and somehow it goes missing.

Darn those toters!
And darn my uncle for turning me into him…just when I thought I was in the clear.


Anonymous said...

FIRST of all- yes- I stole those things but it was only because being the last girl I got a lot of crappy hand-me downs. Just ONCE I wanted to use something when it was new and shiny. Maybe as a mother you should start buying your kids their own lipstick so they won't have to take yours anymore.

Think about it. :)

mamacomedy said...

LOL! Yes, you did always get screwed I am sure. (But we all know Mom is making up for it now you mall addicts you!) However, I think you and Kate are getting along too well these days so...I'll leave the make-up and fancy shoe buying up to you two and I'll just watch you compete for the "favorite" position with my kids while enjoying my own stuff! Have I mentioned I love our family lately???

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