Friday, April 24, 2009

What? There Are People in My Life Other Than My Kids???

Huh. Somehow I seem to forget most days that anyone other than my kids exist on this planet.

I mean, I do talk to others about a variety of topics such as: who has pooped, barfed, done something utterly hilarious, who has snot, how my nipples are getting tougher while breast feeding, infant sleeping patterns, potty training and of course all the naughty things that are being learned.

Now, I share these things because you care. You want to hear about them. You want to receive 27 picture mail messages from me in one day of my baby smiling with food on her face. Of course in addition to me, you also want to get emails, texts and voicemails from the 3 year old. You love it when I call you and I put my kid on the line to say something cute and then spent the next 12 minutes coxing a mumble of some sort out of him. Yes. Of course you do.

Hi Honey! Welcome home, how was your day? WAIT! Before you can take a breath to begin and answer I have eight-hundred and seven things to tell you about my day with the children…

I am a really good friend. When you call and want to talk about your kid, I listen. I listen with great excitement because I know I’m gonna get my turn in just a second to tell you about mine. Seriously, lets just be honest.

Oh how harshly we judge “stage moms” uh, for the record, if I could get a reality show about life with my kids, just to show them off 24/7 I am pretty sure I would. You know you watch Jon and Kate +8 thinking, “whatever, my kids are funnier/smarter/cuter than that!”

My kids are the center of my universe, I am the center of theirs (a position I am choosing to relish while I have it). So for now it is us, our world where my 3 year old says, “We are awesome” and we sit starring googly-eyed at each other over PB&J and juice boxes.

I cannot decide if this makes me a really bad, self centered person or a great mom who loves and adores my children beyond measure.

I choose to say it makes me a great mom.
It makes you a great mom for doing the same.
And it makes us great friends for putting up with each other.


To all my non-mommy of little ones friends & family:
Please forgive me. I will return to normal one of these days.

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