Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Mothers Body

Where did I go? I was looking at some old pictures the other day and I felt lost in my own body. Where was I? Where is the nice hair, perky boobs, manicured nails, smooth legs, tan skin, clean clothes and lips smiling with lipstick?

I live in sweats, I wear no make-up most days, am lucky to brush my teeth most mornings. I typically have regurgitated breast milk on my shoulder and probably in my hair. My fingernails are done not according to the latest trend but based on the right length for excavating baby buggers, ear wax and whatever has ended up in the bellybutton. My bras are ugly because they just don’t make cute nursing ones (that are practical anyway…) and my hair lives in a ponytail because my son considers it a requirement for proper piggyback rides.

I am also pretty sure I smell funny most days.

What happened? Ah yes, I became Mama. So now…
my clothes are cotton so I can play on the floor and am soft to the touch for my baby. I forgo make-up and styled hair to spend more time cuddling in pj’s with warm, waking kids. I know where the most important toys are at all times, the number of poops for all kids for the last several days and can calculate Tylenol dosages at 3am. I can remember the phone numbers to my dearest friends, the pediatrician, poison control and the ssn’s of my entire family. I can lug more children and stuff than a pack mule. I can retrieve a popsicle, apply Neosporin and a Band-Aid all one-handed in seconds while holding a crying child in the other. I can conduct family business meetings while feeding the baby and playing hotwheels. My lips are bare of lipstick but can heal all boo-boos.

I consider it a fair trade. I’ll take my mama body any day.


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Kate said...

I love this post. Even for those of us that aren't parent yet, it is a good reminder that there is more to us than our looks. As women, it is so easy to get down on ourselves for not looking fabulous 24/7 (something I do often). This post reminds me to think about all the things I do in the world that are far more important than hair and make-up. Another point to add is that women are often so competitive, sizing one another up, which adds to the problem. If we start laying off one another, maybe we'd be so much easier on ourselves.

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