Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Falling Deeper

I find it a bit of a cliché when people say of their spouse, “I love you more today than the day I married you.” But, having been married for 14 years I get it. I don’t know that it is a “more” love but rather a fuller, richer love. However, when it comes to my kids I cannot imagine loving them more than I did on the day they were born. Loving your child is such an overwhelming, powerful love – unlike any other. What I have noticed over the years though is how my appreciation for my children grows. As I watch them live their lives I see them develop their individual passions, talents, likes, dislikes; I see them become the people they are meant to be and I stand in awe.

I believe, as with everything in life, relationship growth happens in seasons. Sometimes they are budding and growing, other times they are full and steady and others they lay dormant. I have learned this is normal, good and in line with nature – but that’s another post altogether.  

I have been in a season of growth with my two year old daughter the last few weeks. Yesterday I was able to take pause for a bit and reflect on her and how I feel about her. Too often I think we take our children and who they are for granted; we go day-to-day never stopping to really see the people we are raising. My girl is in transition, moving from the last bit of baby/toddler into little girl. She is so strong and independent which makes me unbelievably proud, she is incredibly funny and straight up crazy – we often refer to her as a party looking for a place to happen. She is curious and desperate to learn, can throw a punch better than any boy I have ever seen and will be the first on the scene to help anyone who is hurt and crying. She is artistic but not musical, gentle and emotional but not weak and she is stunningly beautiful. She lights up any room she walks into and brings a smile to the face of every senior citizen she encounters. She is beautifully maternal and is somewhat of a bird whisperer. She will stand in the yard with her pointer finger extended calling, “Come here honey, it’s ok, I love you!” and I know one day a bird will land. How could they not with an invitation like that?

As I reflect on all these things and I watch her march through the house blowing a whistle wearing her brother’s athletic shorts held up by her tutu shouting, “It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday!” (Even though her b-day is in November) I physically feel my heart falling deeper in love with the person she is.  I am truly amazed at what a gift she is to me and the world around her. I am humbled by the fact I get to be with her throughout her life and be a part of who she is.

I love you without end my amazing lotus baby.

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