Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boob Eater

So life is busy. Three kids five and under – whew! One of these days I hope to get back to blogging with some consistency, but for now I am all consumed with breastfeeding, having tea parties with Itty Bitty, and attempting to keep up with Rock Stars ever growing social and sport schedule. Life is good.

However, I just HAD to take time to share this little tidbit of laughter with you…enjoy!

While checking out at the grocery the teen male checker asks Itty Bitty if she is going to share the popsicles (I was buying) with her baby sister; to which she very factually replied, “No, she only eats boobs.”

Funny how a boy who I am sure thinks about boobs every 2.4 seconds almost crawled out of his skin at this statement made by a two year old. I love my Itty Bitty; she never lets me go a day without a true bottom of my gut laugh.

Enjoy your weekend!

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